iPhone 4S Launch in Canada FAQ: What You Need to Know

The iPhone 4S launches tomorrow in Canada (people are already in line). This post will be similar to our FAQ from last year for the iPhone 4, but with updated information.

When is the iPhone 4 launching in Canada?
– Friday, October 14th, 2011. Stores set to open at 8AM (Apple, Future Shop, Best Buy).

Where can I buy an iPhone 4?
1. Any Apple Store
2. Any Rogers, Fido, Bell, Telus, Virgin, or Koodo store.
3. Resellers like Future Shop, Best Buy, London Drugs, Wireless Wave, other official Apple resellers, etc.

What colours and capacities will be available?
– Black and white in 16GB/32GB/64GB

What will the iPhone 4 cost unlocked from Apple?

16GB – $649
32GB – $749
64GB – $849

How much will an unlocked iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 from Apple cost?

8GB iPhone 3GS – $375
8GB iPhone 4 – $549

How many unlocked iPhones will be at Apple Stores?
– Last year, stores were well stocked and the number of units reached the thousands.

What is the iPhone order limit from Apple Stores?
– Two per customer.

What are the benefits of buying an unlocked iPhone 4S/4/3GS?
1. Saving money when traveling: just buy a local Pay As You Go SIM card and pop it into your iPhone. Voila! Good bye expensive roaming charges.
2. Controlling your life again: you won’t have to resign 3 years with the “Big 3? to get your iPhone. Once you are out of your contract, imagine how great it will feel to be able to switch carriers at a whim–because of better pricing and plans–and not having to accrue expensive cancellation fees.
3. Higher resale value: Factory unlocked iPhones are the holy grails on eBay. There will always be a huge demand for factory unlocked iPhones. Many countries don’t have the iPhone and buying overseas on eBay is their only choice.
4. Upgrading next year will be dead easy: You purchased the iPhone 4S factory unlocked for $649. You sell your iPhone 4S on eBay (or Craigslist) for $475-$500. You’re only down $150. That’s slightly cheaper than paying the subsidized carrier $159 price–and you will remain contract free.
5. Worry free iOS updates via iTunes: If your iPhone is unlocked and jailbroken, every time Apple releases a new iOS update you’re stuck in limbo. You can’t update via iTunes or you’ll lose your unlock. You’re reliant on the iPhone Dev Team for their hard work. Now, if you have a factory unlocked iPhone 4, you can just click update and be on your merry way. The unlock will remain forever. No more waiting.

What will the iPhone 4 cost on a three year contract from Canadian carriers (Rogers, Fido, Telus, Bell, Virgin, Koodo; Soon MTS and SaskTel on Oct.28th)?

16GB – $159
32GB – $269
64GB – $369

When will Rogers Reservations be notified?
– You will receive an email with a tracking link when it’s available.
– Rogers locations will have iPhone 4S stock for non-reservations. If you can nab one, you can just cancel your reservation and get a refund on the $40 deposit.

What about Bell pre-orders?
– Units have started to arrive to customers that pre-ordered.

What about Telus pre-orders?
– Phones will be shipped by Purolator; tracking numbers have been sent out; ATS being used in Vancouver to deliver.

What about Best Buy iPhone 4S pre-orders?
– Stores open at 8AM. You will have to pick up your pre-order by 10AM.

What about Future Shop iPhone 4S pre-orders?
– Stores will open at 8AM, and pre-orders will be available for pick up.

What are the early upgrade policies from Rogers or plans?
Click here to check your upgrade eligibility status.

What are the early upgrade policies from Telus or plans?
– early upgrades unknown; new 6GB data plan, $70 voice plan

What are the early upgrade policies from Bell or plans?
– unknown at this time

Will Siri be available in Canada?
– yes, but you’ll need to activate it in Settings and choose US/UK English.

More to come…