Zite Personalized News Reader iPhone App Available for Download

Zite has Canadian origins, as the app originally developed for the iPad was started by a team of University of British Columbia researchers, but was recently acquired by CNN (jackpot!). It has now been updated for the iPhone.

What makes Zite so different from other news reader apps such as Flipboard, Pulse, or Google’s new Current, is that it curates news based on your reading habits. The Zite team announced this morning the universal update of their iPad app to support all iOS devices:

Personalized news is addictive: once you’ve had a taste of it, you want it everywhere. That’s why our users started clamoring to have Zite on all of their devices almost immediately after we launched. Today, we introduce Zite on the iPhone, which marks our first step in bringing the power of personalized news to every major platform.

Current users of Zite can save their profile on their iPad and then get the same great news on their iPhone. New users of Zite who don’t have an iPad can use the iPhone to set up their profile, choose some topics and start experiencing how Zite delivers you what’s interesting.

What makes Zite so compelling versus other news readers? Its smart algorithm learns based on the feedback you provide with each story read. You can give a thumbs up or thumbs down for stories that appear, and you will eventually get a custom experience no other news reader app can offer.

Existing Zite iPad users can get access to their account right on the iPhone. As for new users, enter either your twitter username, Google Reader account, or Facebook login to get your news. You will be amazed at what Zite will curate based just on your twitter username, as it analyzes your followers.



Other typical news sections are available, and they can be accessed via swiping left or right along the ‘wheel’ at the top of the app.

Zite is a refreshing change since everyone will get their own unique news experience. The app so far does the job well of simulating the original iPad experience on the iPhone.

Click here to download Zite–it’s free. Let me know how you like it!