Camera Awesome Hits 2 Million Downloads In Less Than a Week

Last week we took a look at SmugMug’s free photography app, Camera Awesome. It has some pretty cool features such as a 5 second buffer to ‘pre-record’ your videos and also an on screen leveller when taking pictures of the horizon. It’s like a mash up of Instagram and Camera+ but with video capabilities.

SmugMug has announced the app has surpassed two million downloads in less than a week, with more than 10 million photos already taken. It’s become the number one photography app in 55 countries, including Canada:

“We’ve struck a chord with photographers around the world, from soccer dads to mom-tographers and high-end professionals, and we’re only getting started,” MacAskill said.

According to AllThingsD, this pace is faster than Instagram, which took two months to surpass two million downloads. Camera Awesome is free, but includes numerous in-app purchases for filters and cloud syncing for SmugMug users.

Have you tried Camera Awesome? What do you think?

[via AllThingsD]