New Download Record: 1.76 Billion App Downloads in One Week [Report]

Last year’s holiday week has raised the bar for both app developers and manufacturers. As Flurry reports, we’ve seen record device activations on Christmas day, and record app downloads as well, but this has risen yet further during the week between Christmas and the New Year, which recorded the highest device activation and app downloads in iOS and Android history.


To put it into numbers: 17.4 million iOS and Android devices were activated on Christmas Day, triggering 328 million app downloads, but during the last week of 2012, Flurry estimates there were over 50 million iOS and Android device activations, and 1.76 billion app downloads.

As you can see from the chart below, the US took the biggest chunk of app downloads with 604 million, but Canada and France are also among the top five countries, although they couldn’t compete with China, ranking No. 2 with 184 million downloads. According to Flurry’s estimation, there are about 181 million iOS and Android devices in the US, but China is right behind it, with 167 million active devices.


Looking forward, Flurry expects 1 billion+ app download weeks to become the norm, and to surpass the 2 billion download mark during the last week of 2013.