Apple Patents Wireless Charging via iPad Smart Cover

A recently granted Apple patent reveals more of the company’s plans to implement the much-hyped wireless charging. In this case, the iPad could be charged wirelessly through a Smart Cover that contains an internal battery.


As you may have already guessed, Apple isn’t looking to implement wireless charging the way it is already available to consumers, which unfortunately isn’t the most effective means.

Apple’s invention entitled “Integrated inductive charging in protective cover” (via AppleInsider) describes a totally different sourcing power: It calls for a tablet case, the Smart Cover, which will hold the inductive power transmitter. In some embodiments an internal battery is implemented into the case, creating an “on-the-go” wireless charger.

The device is charged when not in use (the flap covering the display), and the patent describes methods in which the tablet can determine the state of the battery and enable the charging while in portable mode and not plugged into a power source.

As the patent description points out the system isn’t completely wireless, but it would act as a secondary battery, because the cover containing the battery needs to be charged. However, the patent goes on to state that solar cells can be placed into the outer layers of the cover to take use of the solar power.

In its current form, the iPads available for sale aren’t ready for wireless charging, because they lack the inductive charging circuit required by the above patent, but this could possibly hint for future models coming with such integrated components.

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