Netflix Adds More Rows for TV and Movies on the iPad

Netflix has announced today users of its iPad app will see more rows for TV shows and movies:

We’re happy to announce today that we have added many more rows of TV shows and movies to the main screen of our iPad app.

Most iPad users will now have access to 25 or more rows on the main screen of the Netflix App. (Because of platform limitations, users of the original iPad will see only small changes to the rows displayed.)

These new rows will include many more of your favorite genres. All of these were previously available on the iPad, but you had to browse more deeply to find them. With today’s change, more movies and TV shows should be easily accessible without digging around to find them.

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This addition is not part of an update to its iOS app, but just on the main screen when you launch the Netflix app. The company says users can have access to 25 or more rows, but in our case 14 rows of content appear in the following order (of course yours will differ based on your viewing preferences):

  • Continue Watching
  • Top 10 for Gary
  • Instant Queue
  • Popular on Netflix
  • Feel-good Movies
  • Social & Cultural Documentaries
  • TV Shows
  • Comedies
  • Because you watched ______
  • Because you watched ______
  • Because you watched ______
  • New Releases
  • Recently Added
  • Popular on Facebook

This update definitely makes it easier and faster to find new content to watch on your iPad. Just last week Netflix 4.0 for iOS was launched to bring a new episode and audio/subtitle selectors.

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