Apple Stores Unable to Activate iPhones on Rogers, Fido Due to EasyPay Issue

Apple retail stores in Canada have been unable to activate iPhones for Rogers/Fido customers, due to a technical issue. According to sources familiar to the situation, the issue lies with Apple’s EasyPay system, which has yet to receive an update to activate new two-year plans from Rogers, launched yesterday.

Apple stores have been activating iPhones directly with EasyPay roughly three weeks ago, instead of previously logging into carrier terminals (like what you’d see at any Rogers/Fido dealer). For some unknown issue, the new system isn’t compatible with Rogers and Fido at the moment.

Sources familiar with the matter speaking on the condition of anonymity, explain Apple needs to update their systems with information from Rogers to activate new two-year plans, plus also send Rogers iPhone IMEIs so the latter can update their systems and have new iPhones ready for these updated plans.

Retail stores have asked employees to stop activating iPhones on Rogers and Fido, with no explanation for the reason other than to say it’s just not possible at this time. This is a temporary solution until activations can be restarted again.

…stay tuned for updates