Rogers/Fido Customers with Old 6GB/$30 Data Plan Will Pay $5 Price Hike in August [u]

Do you have the grandfathered Rogers 6GB data plan for $30 from way back and you’re currently using this with your month-to-month cellphone plan?

Well, you’re going to see a $5/month price hike starting in August, according to messages being sent to customers, reports MobileSyrup:

“This plan was introduced as a promotion over 2 years ago and the price has not increased since then. It offers you substantial savings when compared to similar in market plans and we hope that you continue to take advantage of the great benefits this plan offers. Our customers are using more data than ever before and technology has evolved to provide more value (LTE, LTE Max).”

Rogers says the price increase is part of how the company routinely assess its pricing and “offers to ensure we’re delivering the value and data our customers need.”

The initial 6GB/$30 data plan was released by Rogers back in June of 2009, available for those on three year contracts. The plan continued to be extended and regularly reappeared as a promo, and was also offered by Telus and Bell.

Back in the summer of 2012, a Rogers promo code allowed customers to ‘switch’ over their 3G data plans over to the 6GB/$30 LTE plan without a 3-year commitment.

Are you currently using the 6GB/$30 data plan month-to-month? Looks like you’ll be shelling out $5 more per month starting in August.

Update: A Fido rep we spoke with on the phone confirmed Fido customers will similarly be affected by this $5/month increase, set to kick in on August 6.