Apple Said to Unveil Fuel-Cell-Powered iPads Within Years

Apple is working with fuel cell company Intelligent Energy to embed the green technology in iPads and laptops within years, high-ranking sources whispered to the Daily Mail.

The green technology converts chemical energy into electricity, and aims to solve the long-standing issue of limited mobile battery life, as it will allow them to run without charge for days, or even weeks. The Daily Mail investigated after hearing that the British company has purchased a bundle of patents in tandem with a major ’international electronics company’.


Apple has been investigating fuel-cell powered MacBooks for some time now, obtaining two patents related to this technology back in 2011. The patents are for ’Fuel cell systems to power a portable computing device’ and ’Fuel cell system coupled to a portable computing device’.

However, the above patents aren’t the only ones containing the fuel-cell keyword. Apple has other patents relating to perhaps even more efficient hydrogen fuel cells In fact, Apple already uses fuel cell farms in addition to solar ones to power its data center in North Carolina.

Rumors of the partnership with Intelligent Energy have been doing the rounds for a while, especially given that Apple has been granted patents in this area. And, as the Daily Mail’s sources point out, Intelligent Energy bought a batch of patents for fuel cells from battery firm Eveready last December with — now confirmed — Apple.

Apple’s inventions emphasize the power of renewable energy sources and these eco-friendly alternatives significantly reduce the size, weight and cost of the fuel cell system. We can only hope this technology is ready for use shortly.