Marc Newson Speaks Apple Watch and its Effect on the Watch Industry

Dezeen has interviewed new Apple employee Marc Newson, who is working with Jony Ive, the company’s chief designer. As usual with every Apple employee, Newson kept mum on the projects he is working on at Apple, but the reporter did manage to extract some interesting information about his current role.

Ive and newson

As it turns out, Newson joined Apple only part-time: he remains based in the UK, as he has a company to run.

Amy Frearson: You’ve taken on quite a major role with Apple, do you think you’ll still have time to work on these kinds of project as well?

Marc Newson: Yes absolutely, because my role at Apple doesn’t necessitate all of my time and that was for very specific reasons, so absolutely, my company still exists and I remain based in the UK.

Amy Frearson: And can you tell me what you’re working on at Apple?

Marc Newson: Not really! Sorry!

When the Apple Watch launched, there were many comments about it, and some said that it resembled Newson’s own watch designs, so it was an obvious question for the Dezeen reporter Amy Frearson to ask. The answer was a no brainer as well:

Amy Frearson: Maybe I could ask you another question. With your background in watch design, can you tell me what you think is the future of the traditional watch?

Marc Newson: There will always be a place for mechanical watches. Apart from telling the time – which is all they do – they’re about something completely different. You know, I think that the mechanical watch industry will continue to exist in much the same way as it does right now. To be honest I’m not really intimately aware of what’s happening with the world of mechanical watches right now.

Mark van Iterson: We have two wrists – one doesn’t exclude the other!

This isn’t the first time Apple chief designer Jony Ive and Newson have worked together. You may recall that last year the two together designed objects that were auctioned off for charity.

[Image credit Suzy Menkes; via MacRumors]