Rumours Again Claim Apple to Hold Special Event in February

Apple logo

Do you recall that sketchy rumour claiming that Apple would hold a special event in late February — possibly February 24, 2015? Well, it’s back. This time it comes from a French site, iGen (via iDownloadblog), saying that Apple allegedly has plans to release the 12-inch MacBook Air.

The rumour is also peppered with the “official” launch of the Apple Watch, but considering Tim Cook’s recent “slip” suggesting it would be in April, a February launch doesn’t seem to make any sense. Also, you may recall that Apple has asked high-profile developers to get their apps ready by mid-February, but that leaves just enough time for the company to pick some of these apps to show them off on the stage.

The anonymous sources speaking with iGen mentioned the 12-inch MacBook Air as being part of the event. The upcoming MacBook Air is rumoured to stand out with an ultra-thin and fanless design as well as an improved trackpad.

It’s important to note that while iGen has a track record in leaking information related to Apple products — see the iPhone 6 dimensions leak — they do mention that this info is coming from a secondhand source, so it is worth adding a grain of salt. By the way, on February 24, former Apple co-founder Steve Jobs would be 60 years old.