Apple’s Corporate Description Updated—to Include Vehicles

Just in case you were wondering whether Apple is indeed interested in making a car or if it is just another wave of reports to keep the stock price trajectory upwards, here is something that is worth a minute of attention: The company has expanded its name coverage to include vehicles in several countries (via Cult of Mac).

Apple icar

As noticed by the Swiss ApfelBlog, Apple has extended its corporate description to include vehicles in Switzerland and Mexico in the past couple weeks. It had already done so in the European Union too in 2003, as noticed by MacRumors.

What does this mean in terms of specifics? According to the filing, Apple is now an official manufacturer of:

“Apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water; electronic hardware components for motor vehicles, rail cars and locomotives, ships and aircraft; Anti-theft devices; Theft alarms for vehicles; Bicycles; Golf carts; Wheelchairs; Air pumps; Motorcycles; Aftermarket parts (after-market parts) and accessories for the aforesaid goods.”

The above filing comes at a time when the media was reporting about Apple Project Titan, an electric car that could take on Tesla. Bloomberg rushed out an estimate of the first Apple iCar: We’re going to see it in 2020, but that’s exactly what it did with the Apple Watch as well.

You may recall that two years ago Bloomberg was reporting that the iWatch would hit the stores in the fall. Well, it took two years to materialise. It remains to be seen whether the iCar will indeed be a product, but don’t bet on it just yet.