Scotiabank Launches Apple Watch App to View Quick Balances [PICS]

Scotiabank for iPhone was updated yesterday to bring support for Apple Watch.

What’s New in Version 15.4.1

Apple Watch support: Use the Glance to gain a visualization of your favourite account. Check Quick Balance accounts and their last 5 transactions.

The bank’s Apple Watch app will use Glances to show you quick balances of your accounts such as your savings account, credit cards and more. Within accounts, you will be able to see your five latest transactions. Using Force Touch will bring up ‘Refresh’ and ‘Favourite’ options, as seen in the screenshots we acquired below:

Screenshot 2015 04 23 09 25 34

Other Canadian financial institutions with Apple Watch apps ready right now include Tangerine and Desjardins.

With Apple Watch preorders already shipping and set to arrive tomorrow, you’ll soon be able to use your supported favourite apps on the smartwatch. You can take a look at this gallery full of Apple Watch app screenshots we’ve compiled from yesterday, showcasing Canadian and other popular apps.

Click here to download Scotiabank for iPhone in the App Store.