Apple Pay Preferred with Watch Rather than iPhone [Report]

When announcing Apple Pay, Tim Cook emphasized two major features: ease of use and security. The mobile payment platform was first available only on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, with growing adoption rate, but almost four months after the Apple Watch launch, 80% of wearable owners are using it, Wristly reports.

That’s a huge step up in adoption rate compared to the Apple Pay usage level of the iPhone 6, which stands at around 15% to 20%. An interesting addition to the above is that while the majority of Apple Pay users first tried Apple Pay with their iPhone, about 19% of the surveyed users first tried it on the Watch.

apple watch survey wristly1

Apple Pay is available for both offline and online purchases. Interestingly, Apple Watch owners first try it in-store before moving to online purchases, the report reads. Furthermore, those who refrain from using it represent only a tiny 5% of all Apple Watch owners. Those 5% are the ones with security concerns.

apple watch survey wristly

Moving forward, of those who have already used it, the majority agree that Apple Pay is “magical” (51%), and further 42% found it a convenient way to pay. Actually, after using it with the Watch, 79% of wearable owners report a preference for using Apple Pay with the Watch instead of the iPhone.

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