Adding a TD VISA to Apple Pay Now Gives a New Error Message [PIC]

Exactly one week ago Apple Pay launched in Canada (as we expected), limited to American Express issued credit cards. Could that be changing soon, though?

Many of you have let us know adding a TD Canada Trust VISA card now results in a different error message, which we were able to replicate and confirm below:

IMG 1249

As you can see, the message reads “Could Not Add Card” and “Try again later or contact your card issuer for more information.”

This message is different than what Canadians have previously been getting, the message below which reads “Your Issuer Does Not Yet Offer Support for This Card,” as seen below (we attempted to add a TD VISA debit card):

IMG 1250

You may recall TD Canada Trust accidentally leaked Apple Pay was “coming soon” on their website back in October, undoubtedly the most compelling evidence a Canadian bank was ready to support the mobile wallet. TD Canada said at the time “sorry for any confusion resulting [from] incorrect info temporarily on our website.”

We previously heard whispers of BMO supporting Apple Pay (nothing since), while RBC’s online customer suggested the service would be coming soon.

Are you seeing any ‘different’ error messages when you try to add non-Amex credit cards to Apple Pay? Could this be a sign Canadian bank support is coming for Apple Pay?

Thanks Reiner