Google Play Music Subscriptions on Sale for 50% Off Until Feb. 15

If you’re not subscribed to Apple Music, or you are curious about getting a music subscription, now may be the time to jump on a 50% off promo from Google Play Music.

Right now, until February 15, 2016, gift subscriptions are available for half off, at the following prices:

  • 1-Month: $4.99
  • 3-Month: $24.99 (should be $14.98)
  • 6-Month: $49.99 (should be $29.97)
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Now, the 3-month and 6-month options should read $14.98 and $29.97 respectively, but in order to bypass this, you can just purchase a bunch of 1-month gift codes instead, since they are stackable. The best part is you can redeem these codes within your own account, so you’ll be getting a music subscription for $5 per month, which is half the price of services like Apple Music.

Unfortunately this does not apply to family plans and Google says “Users will only be able to redeem subscription gifts until their account accrues up to a total of five (5) years of subscriptions at any one time.”

Google Play Music launched in Canada back in May of 2014, while back in December Family Plan options were introduced, along with free Music Radio stations. Google Play Music now utilizes technology from its acquisition of Songza, for its 35 million track library, which allows for 50,000 songs to be stored in the cloud.

You can listen to music via the Google Play for iOS in the App Store and on the web.

[via RFD]