Next-Gen Thunderbolt Display with Integrated GPU Coming: Report

Apple announced their aging Thunderbolt Display had been discontinued yesterday, leaving the door open to speculation on what might come next.

Will Apple have a Retina display replacement? It would make sense, and according to John Paczkowski from BuzzFeed (he has the most reliable Apple sources) this morning, unnamed sources tell him the “next-gen display will indeed have integrated GPU.”

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Earlier this month ahead of WWDC, 9to5Mac reported Apple was set to unleash a 5K Thunderbolt Display with integrated GPU, but eventually Rene Ritchie from iMore splashed cold water on the story, setting expectations on what to expect from the developer conference.

An integrated GPU in a 5K Thunderbolt Display would alleviate processing power from Macs to run the higher resolution monitor. Could we see a next-gen 5K Thunderbolt Display emerge alongside the rumoured MacBook Pro refresh in the fall?