‘A10 Fusion’, ‘iSight Duo’ Trademarks Discovered Ahead of ‘iPhone 7’ Event

New trademarks filed by Apple have been discovered by a MacRumors reader, detailing names such as “A10 Fusion” and “iSight Duo”, suggesting these names could surface at this morning’s special event. These two trademark applications were filed with the Intellectual Property Office in Brunei.


The discovery comes after yesterday’s unearthing of other trademarks such as ‘iPhone 7’, ‘iPhone 7 Plus’, ‘Iris Engine’, ‘AirPod Case’, ‘Home Hub’ and ‘Apple Smart Button’.

What could ‘A10 Fusion’ entail? It would most likely be related to the next version of Apple’s A10 chip obviously, but the Fusion part could be linked to the company’s offering of Fusion Drives for Mac, which combine traditional hard drives and SSD for a hybrid storage system, offering increased storage yet maintaining high performance. ‘A10 Fusion’ could be an enhanced marketing term for the next generation of Apple’s iOS CPUs.

As for ‘iSight Duo’, that may refer to the upcoming dual-camera setup expected on the larger ‘iPhone 7 Plus’, which according to Apple’s special event invite, will offer depth of field for images to rival digital SLR cameras.

We’ll find out what comes today in less than an hour’s time. Apple’s special event today starts at 10AM PST/1PM EST and will be live streamed on iOS, Safari and Apple TV.