Reference to ‘Apple Watch Victory’ Discovered On Apple’s Website

We know Apple is set to launch Apple Watch Nike+ sales on October 28th, to go with existing Series 1 and Series 2 models. These are the only offerings the Cupertino tech giant has for the smartwatch. However, could there potentially be a new model in the pipeline? Or maybe some kind of special accessory that Apple has yet to announce?


It seems as if Apple is planning another major device launch soon after a new, mysterious device was spotted on the company’s online store, according to a report from 9to5Mac.

References to an “Apple Watch Victory,” alongside the standard edition of the wearable device, have been noted by several readers on Apple’s website today, hinting at some previously unknown model of Apple Watch.

The specific mentions of the Apple Watch Victory were initially discovered in an AppleCare+ support page for the United Arab Emirates, displaying warranty options for the Apple Watch and the mysterious Victory model.

These references to the model have since been removed from the website by Apple, but not before rumours spread like wildfire that the company is planning on launching a new Apple Watch model soon. 

These rumors, however, are being shot down, as comparisons have since been made with the same AppleCare+ page for other countries that list Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Nike+ in place of the Victory model.

Many have said that it is highly unlikely that the Apple Watch Victory name is nothing more than that, a name. It may have been a codename or alternate name that Apple was thinking of for its smartwatch collaboration with Nike. Alas, the Victory name aligns perfectly with Nike, as the latter is the goddess of victory in Greek mythology.