South Korea Considers Investigation Into iPhone 6S Battery Issue

Reports coming from South Korea claim that the Korean Agency of Technology and Standards (KATS) is pondering on whether to commence investigations into the Apple iPhone 6S battery issues.


As mentioned on The Korea Herald, the agency only wants to make sure that the issue is not similar with the scandal happened to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7. There has been several issues regarding the battery problem glitch on some iPhone 6S units, though no reported explosions or catching fire incidents have happened.

KATS is a government standards organization in South Korea, falling under the Ministry of Knowledge Economy. It has the power to force a national recall, if it feels one may be necessary.

“The agency is well aware of recent iPhone issues and is taking a close look at it,” a KATS official is quoted as saying, adding: “However, this does not mean that an investigation was launched.”

According to those who have been affected by the issue, iPhone 6S units are overheating when charging and when the battery percentage clocks between 30%-40%, the phone shuts down unexpectedly.

In order to bring it back to life, users have claimed that they have to plug it back to a power source and funnily enough, the phone’s battery immediately jumps to the same percentage it was before shutting down – an indicator that there’s still enough charge. But what makes the iPhone 6S shut down when there is still enough battery juice in there to last for a good number of hours?

This is the second time Apple has been under fire in East Asia in as many weeks, after a Shanghai-based watchdog recently complained that Apple’s response to user reports of exploding iPhones had been slow. The report, published last week, said: “Apple should be responsible for consumers. A large amount of consumer complaints are not solved effectively.”

To address the issue for iPhone 6s users, Apple recently launched a program where they would exchange customer batteries free of charge, to address this unexpected shutdown problem.