Alleged iPhone 8 Display Component Leaks: PICS

Several images were posted to Chinese microblogging site Weibo on Saturday claiming to show more leaked iPhone 8 components, just weeks away from the handset’s expected launch in September.

The images, shared via Slashleaks, purportedly include the phone’s OLED display assembly, internal components for the Lightning connector and flex cables for transferring power to other components.

The leaked display assembly shows the digitizer and the connecting cables the smartphone will feature. If you look at the top, on either side of the earpiece, there are two circular cut-outs. The tiny one of the left could be the proximity sensor, the two on the right could be the front facing camera, and the iris/facial scanner. But it’s hard to tell what the big cutout on the left could be for. It could either be a front facing LED flash, or a second iris/facial scanner as seen in previous leaks.

As expected, the purported iPhone 8 doesn’t have a Home button. The region where the Home button could be placed has additional hardware components on the back, but, at this point, it’s unclear what these are.

Of course it’s hard to tell how authentic this photo is or whether the component in question actually belongs to the iPhone 8, so as is the case with leaks and rumors, do take it with a grain of salt for now. Apple has yet to officially confirm when the phone will be launched, but it is expected that it should take place in September, assuming Apple keeps to tradition.