Google for iOS Adds Apple Maps or Waze for Directions, Search Results Filter

Google for iOS is a pretty powerful app if you’re heavy into the company’s search and email services. The most recent update now adds more options when it comes to directions, letting you choose from Apple Maps or Waze to navigate to your search results.

Once you tap on ‘directions’ from a search result, a pop up will let you choose from Google Maps, Waze or Apple Maps. There’s a toggle at the bottom which lets you decide whether you want to get asked each time, or have it default to Google Maps:

IMG 5878

The other recent change is new search results filters. Once you’ve completed a search, swipe the options bar underneath the search box until you see ‘Tools’. From here, you can filter results by country, time or all results:

IMG 5879

The Google iOS app also recently gained a news feed feature in Canada, which was previously only available in the U.S.

Earlier this month, the Google Assistant iOS app—powered by machine learning—launched in Canada.

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