Twitter Developing Feature Allowing Users to ‘Save’ Tweets for Later

Twitter is developing a new feature which allows users to maintain a list of tweets they want to come back to – a new tool that will allow its 300 million users to save tweets privately.

Keith Coleman, Head of Product, tweeted that the new feature, called #SaveForLater, was in the works. “Fresh out of ‘HackWeek’ and coming soon – a new way to save tweets to read later. Been a top request! The team would love your feedback as they dial in the design! #SaveForLater,” Coleman tweeted late on Monday.

Currently, Twitter users need to retweet or “favourite” a tweet using the heart icon if they want it to appear in their timeline list. Much like Facebook’s “like” button, this action can be misinterpreted as a sign of approval. If you want to create a separate list of tweets you can always create a Storify collection – but this requires more than a simple click on the tweet.

News of the upcoming feature came directly from Twitter product manager Jesar Shah, who revealed on Monday that an early version had been developed at a recent Hack Week. She even posted a video demonstration showing how it might work, though Shah noted that the prototype was “likely” to change prior to release.

The prototype shows that Twitter’s bookmarking feature appears under the tweet’s “More” menu (three dots), where you then find a new “Add to Bookmarks” option. A panel pops up with a new “Add to Bookmarks” button, as well as the regular “Share via DM” option.

There are currently no details on when the feature can be expected, but more information is expected soon under the #SaveForLater hashtag.