Fido Promo: $60 Plan with 10GB Data to Expand to Ontario on Dec. 16 [u]

The wireless tango frenzy continues, as now Fido is reportedly planning to extend its $60/10GB promo plan with unlimited Canada-wide calling and text to Ontario, for new customers. You may have luck speaking to Retentions to see if they’ll make a last ditch attempt to match before making a switch.

The plan originally was offered by Rogers and Fido, limited to Alberta and British Columbia, in what appeared to be a move on Freedom Mobile and Telus customers in Western Canada.

Telus responded by having its flanker brand Koodo Mobile launch their own $60/10GB plan for Alberta and British Columbia, but in a surprise move extended the offer to Ontario. Koodo also made its 10GB data permanent, unlike the Rogers/Fido offer, which only offered 5GB bonus for 24 months.

Now, according to RFD, Fido will extend their $60/10GB offering to Ontario on Saturday, December 16th, which is the same day Telus will launch their own $60/10GB offering.

The Fido $60/10GB plan for Ontario will be the same as the one offered for Alberta and BC—5GB bonus data will expire after 24 months.

So far, we’ve seen Rogers/Fido, Koodo and Bell currently offer $60/10GB promo plans. Telus will debut theirs on December 16, while today, Virgin Mobile launched their own $55/10GB plan as a “one day” offering, before they launch their own $60/10GB plan on Saturday as well.

Out of all these plans, it appears Koodo’s offering is the one customers are favouring, as it is on the Telus nationwide LTE network—plus the 10GB data is permanent and does not expire after 24 months. Do note Bell’s $60/10GB promo also has data that is permanent as well.

So to conclude, on Dec. 16, we will see Telus, Virgin and Fido extend the $60/10GB plan to Ontario. Looks like you guys out east won’t be missing out after all. If only these offers were extended to all provinces and not just ones affected by Freedom Mobile’s LTE network.

Did you get $60/10GB promo plan? If so, which carrier did you switch to?

Update: Fido’s website lists Dec. 19 as the expiry for this plan for customers in Ontario. Still showing Dec. 18 for BC and Alberta.