Rogers/Fido vs Telus/Koodo vs Bell/Virgin $60/10GB Plan: Who Did You Pick? [POLL]

What a wireless whirlwind it has been over the past 72 hours, as now Rogers, Telus and Bell, along with their flanker brands Fido, Koodo and Virgin, all simultaneously have promo $60 plans with 10GB of permanent data.

Originally, this promo plan was launched in Alberta and BC only by Rogers and Fido, with 5GB of bonus data only for 24 months. Telus responded by offering the same promo in Alberta and BC but extended it to Ontario for Koodo customers with permanent data, just like Bell.

Eventually, Rogers and Fido modified their plan to remove the expiring 5GB data after two years, to make it permanent like their rivals. All of these moves are due to Shaw’s Freedom Mobile offering its ‘Big Gig’ plans back in October, which offered 10GB for $60 (Freedom also has a promo right now offering 10GB for $50).

The changes happened so frequently even Best Buy and their email newsletters had to be sent out a couple times to keep up. Look at their email graphic below in all its glory:

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With so many customers moving carriers over the past few days, wait times on the phone have taken hours for some. You may have better luck with plan changes via online chat or social media.

So let’s take a quick poll—which carrier did you end up going with for your $60/10GB plan? Vote below:

Update Dec. 18: Rogers/Fido has extended the $60/10GB to Dec. 19 for existing customers, while Telus/Koodo has their promo plans expiring on Dec. 19 as well.

Update Dec. 19: For Rogers customers, try calling the international number 416-935-5555 to get through to an agent, as that seems to have lesser wait times. Here’s another number to try too: 1-888-764-3772. For Bell, call 1-855-718-3612.