Fido Promo: $44/8GB and $51/10GB Plans for Some Customers in Quebec

The wireless promos keep coming, and this time a targeted promo is hitting existing Fido customers in Quebec.

According to RFD, those who log into their Fido My Account online, may see some bring your own device (BYOD) “exclusive” plans, which include $44/8GB and $51/10GB plans, which include unlimited Canada-wide calling and international text.

According to the screenshot below, it appears these promo plans are targeting users on Fido’s older $34/2GB plan from 2015:

Fido $51 10gb plan

Image via RFD user Bobbyboosted

The promo offers would essentially bump up a Fido user’s monthly rate, while also move them over to more expensive data overages at $7/100MB ($70/1GB), instead of the legacy $10/500MB ($20/1GB) pricing.

Some RFD users noted they were able to speak with Fido online chat and acquire the $44/8GB plan, which essentially is the existing $49/8GB promo, but with a $5 per month discount for 12 months.

Again, if you’re in Quebec, it may be worth logging into your Fido My Account to see if these plans are available for you.