Fido, Virgin and Koodo Promos: Back to School Data Bonus on Select Plans

Fido, Virgin Mobile and Koodo Mobile currently all have simultaneous data bonuses on select plans, currently available across Canada, except in Saskatchewan and Manitoba (because they have $48/5GB plans), as part of back to school deals.

Data bonuses fido

Essentially, here’s what’s available from all three wireless carriers, for plans with 500 Canada-wide minutes and unlimited text:

  • $45: 1GB + 1GB = 2GB
  • $50: 2GB + 2GB = 4GB
  • $60: 3GB + 3GB = 6GB
  • $70: 4GB + 4GB = 8GB
  • $85: 7GB + 4GB = 11GB
  • $115: 9GB + 4GB = 13GB

For unlimited Canada-wide calling, add $5 to each plan above.

In Quebec, the plans are even better, as they include unlimited Canada-wide minutes. We told you about these plans earlier this week:

  • $35 for 2GB
  • $45 for 4GB
  • $49 for 8GB
  • $56 for 10GB

If you’re signing up for these latest plans, don’t forget to read up on these current promos at Virgin Mobile and also at Telus.