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Fido, Virgin and Koodo Promos: Back to School Data Bonus on Select Plans

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Fido, Virgin Mobile and Koodo Mobile currently all have simultaneous data bonuses on select plans, currently available across Canada, except in Saskatchewan and Manitoba (because they have $48/5GB plans), as part of back to school deals.

Data bonuses fido

Essentially, here’s what’s available from all three wireless carriers, for plans with 500 Canada-wide minutes and unlimited text:

  • $45: 1GB + 1GB = 2GB
  • $50: 2GB + 2GB = 4GB
  • $60: 3GB + 3GB = 6GB
  • $70: 4GB + 4GB = 8GB
  • $85: 7GB + 4GB = 11GB
  • $115: 9GB + 4GB = 13GB

For unlimited Canada-wide calling, add $5 to each plan above.

In Quebec, the plans are even better, as they include unlimited Canada-wide minutes. We told you about these plans earlier this week:

  • $35 for 2GB
  • $45 for 4GB
  • $49 for 8GB
  • $56 for 10GB

If you’re signing up for these latest plans, don’t forget to read up on these current promos at Virgin Mobile and also at Telus.

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