Spotify Updates its Premium Service with Pandora-Style ‘Endless Radio,’ Streamlined Layout

Spotify is rolling out a new update with a bunch of new features for its premium members.

According to a new press release from the Swedish streaming giant, it’s rolling out a number of new features for its service, including a streamlined layout and a personalized search — and it’s made some changes to Spotify Premium, too. Starting today, subscribers can enjoy streamlined navigation, personalized search and a feature called Endless Artist Radio.

The music streaming service‘s Endless Artist Radio lets you search for a playlist based on your favorite musician or song and find a matching endless stream — a feature generally associated with one of its rival streaming services, Pandora. Spotify will likely make use of the same algorithm that its other personalized playlists do.

These will be “updated regularly” so that it doesn’t get stale and can adapt to new artists. The infinite playlists can also be downloaded for offline listening on your device. That’s a welcome feature, especially after Spotify raised the limit for offline downloads from 3,333 on three devices to 10,000 on up to five devices.

The update also simplifies navigation within Spotify by cutting down the number of tabs at the bottom of the app from five to three (leaving just Home, Search and Your Library). The home screen is where you’ll find your personalized recommendations, while your favorite songs, artists, playlists, and podcasts are all found in the library.

The redesigned search is the “new one-stop destination for artists, albums, podcasts,” with listeners’ favorite genres appearing at the top of the screen. This will obviously shift and evolve in sync with your musical preferences, anticipating what you’re most likely to be searching for.

Users should see these new features in your updated Spotify app as of today, as they start rolling out to Premium users on iOS and Android across the world.