Fido ‘Winback’ Offers: $0 iPhone X or Pixel 3 XL on $80/10GB or $75/10GB Plans

Fido continues to offer sweet deals as part of ‘winback’ offers, where its customers service teams call former customers to lure them back to the company.

The most recent Fido ‘winback’ offers include $0 upfront costs for Apple’s iPhone X and now also Google’s latest Pixel 3 XL (read our review here).

Here’s what users on RFD are being offered:

  • $0 iPhone X 64GB (after $300 bill credit) with $80/10GB or $72/5GB plans (20% discount applied)
  • $379 iPhone X 256GB with $49/8GB plan
  • $0 Google Pixel 3 XL with $75/10GB plan

All of these calling plans include unlimited Canada-wide calling plus the usual extras such as call waiting, voicemail and more.

Earlier this summer, we saw Fido ‘winback’ offers for iPhone X, but the devices were not $0 upfront. The art of the deal is getting a $0 phone upfront, while scoring a lower monthly plan than what is normally required with two-year contracts.

There are two different teams calling former Fido customers, known as the Winback Team and the Black Ops Winback Campaign Department, according to RFD.

The deal you get offered really depends on your situation, but if you recently switched away from Fido, it may be worth calling into these departments (1-855-343-6946) and asking if they can offer you anything to come back to the company.