What’s New in iOS 13 Beta 7 [VIDEO]

Apple released iOS 13 beta 7 yesterday for developers and shortly after iOS 13 Public Beta 6 for public beta testers.

If you’ve been following the changes in each beta, EverythingApplePro has again shared a video detailing some new features and changes, noting 60 different tweaks in beta 7 compared to beta 6.

iOS 13 beta 7 brings back some storage, while most changes are tweaks to visuals and also to how 3D Touch works.

Apple’s iOS setup screens now have some larger titles, while Control Center continues to get tweaks, with Dark Mode’s switch gaining a revised icon.

3D Touch continues to improve, with new tweaks, such as in the Timer, where you can now hold and drag to create a timer. Most 3D Touch Quick Actions on Apple apps include tweaked icons.

Apple’s universal Sign in with Apple is also now appearing for some apps.

In the Photos app, when you 3D Touch on a bunch of consecutive Live Photos, you can scroll across them and they will play like a video. Also, pictures now show in a default view with three images across. For yearly albums, you can 3D Touch on the front cover and it’ll display random photos.

Also, in Safari, if you have over 500 tabs open, it’ll suggest for you to close some to continue.

One of the most significant ‘leaks’ in iOS 13 beta 7 is the inclusion of a wallpaper showing the date September 10, which many suspect will be the day of Apple’s iPhone keynote.

Check out the full video below to see all the changes in iOS 13 beta 7:

YouTube video

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