Freedom Mobile Promo: iPhone XR for $0 Upfront on $65/13GB Plan + $200 Gift Card

Freedom Mobile has launched a new weekend promo today, offering yet another deal on Apple’s iPhone XR. This deal is unadvertised on the Freedom Mobile website and is only available at retail stores and dealers.

Previously, a $0 upfront iPhone XR required the company’s $75/17GB plan as the minimum, but this new promo was launched today means you can pay $65/month now, according to a retail store we spoke with. Here are the two options for a 64GB iPhone XR:

  • $120 upfront with $60/13GB plan (after Digital Discount)
  • $0 upfront with $65/13GB plan (after Digital Discount); ($5 x 24 months Tab charge)

$200 Gift Card Bonus:

  • Activate at Walmart, get a $200 store gift card
  • Activate at The Mobile Shop at Superstore and get 100,000 PC Points (updated)

The math works out to $1,560 paid over 24 months for an iPhone XR (currently selling for $1,029 on and wireless service. Subtract the $200 gift card and it goes down to $1,360. Subtract the iPhone XR cost and it’s $331 for 24 months of wireless service, or $13.79 per month.

This new promotion looks to counter existing Big 3 promos on the iPhone XR right now, to go with some new BYOD plans for back to school. Let us know if you’ll be jumping on this Freedom Mobile promo this weekend.

Apple is expected to announce an iPhone XR successor at its special event on September 10.