Virgin Mobile Offering $40/6GB Loyalty Plan to Some Customers [u]

Bell’s Virgin Mobile is offering up a $40 per month BYOD plan with 6GB of data, available as a loyalty offer to existing customers.

Earlier this month, a Virgin Mobile offer was available to Lucky Mobile prepaid customers switching over to postpaid, offering the $40/6GB BYOD plan with unlimited talk and text, available at retailers such as Walmart.

Now, it appears this switcher offer is available for existing customers under a “loyalty” offer. According to RFD, if you call into Virgin Mobile and ask for the $40/6GB BYOD plan, reps can offer it to you.

Virgin mobile $40 6gb

Currently, Virgin Mobile’s website only offers $55/4GB and $65/7GB BYOD plans, which aren’t even close to the $40/6GB plan pricing.

Back in August, we saw Virgin Mobile offer $50/8GB and $75/15GB loyalty plans to select provinces in Canada.

If you’re a current Virgin Mobile customer, let us know if you’re going to call in and try to get this plan.

For existing Rogers and Fido customers, the company is offering up a $60/15GB BYOD loyalty plan right now (and a lot of people are getting it easily via chat).

Update Sept. 25, 2019: A Virgin Mobile spokesperson has reached out to clarify this offer is only available to select prepaid members.