Fido Promo Targets Freedom Mobile Customers with $39/11GB Plan Again

Last month Rogers-owned Fido targeted Freedom Mobile customers with a promo plan, in efforts to get them to switch over, through a $39/11GB plan. This plan has now returned again.

According to RFD, the promo offers $11 off per month (for 24 months with code TAGSRA4DE) on any plan $50 or higher, along with 5GB of bonus data, plus the $40 activation fee waived. There are also 1,000 long distance minutes included as well.

For additional lines, you get an extra 2GB of data, plus $5 off per month. The extra 2GB for additional lines can be added to your main line, depending on the Fido dealer you’re dealing with.

RFD user ‘Thatdealguy’ explains, “Some reps will add the additional line discounts to your mainline or without a [second] line. You can try dealer stores instead of the actual Fido corporate stores. If you know any sales rep, they can also do it for you.”

Essentially, the following plans are available after the 5GB bonus data, $11 discount and potential 2GB data extra added for your main line:

  • $39/11GB
  • $44/13GB
  • $49/15GB
  • $64/17GB

Freedom Mobile customers are able to obtain this promo from any Fido store and online, WOW, Walmart, Costco, Tbooth, Wirelesswave and The Mobile Shop. It’s also worth noting Fido’s referral program is currently doubled at $50 each, so you can get $50 in bill credits too if you sign up under a friend or family member.