Google Wifi iOS and Android App to Get Axed in July, Confirms Company

According to CNET, the ‘Google Wifi’ app for mobile devices that operated as a control centre for the Google Wifi mesh router will reach the end of its life in July.

Google has announced that the app’s functionality and network controls will be shifted to the ‘Google Home’ app, which already serves as the control hub for Google’s second-generation of mesh routers, Nest Wifi.

The move is designed to consolidate controls for all of Google’s home network offerings under one roof. “We want to make it easier to manage all of your devices in one place, so we’ve migrated Wi-Fi functionality into the Google Home app”, said a Google spokesperson.

Google Wifi users will be able to manage their existing network and control devices through the Google Wifi app until July, but starting May 25, they won’t be able to add any new devices to their networks via the app and will have to use the Google Home app instead.

Come July, Google will remove the Google Wifi app from circulation on app markets and ask users to migrate their networks to Google Home.

Google Wifi (and Google OnHub) users can migrate their networks to the Google Home app by tapping on the plus icon in the top left corner, tapping on Import Google Wifi Network, and following the on-screen instructions.

“Most of the features and functionality that users know and love from the Google Wifi app [are] currently available in the Google Home app”, added the Google spokesperson.

The Google Wifi features that aren’t currently available on the Google Home app, like the ability to track speeds to a certain device on the network, will be added in future app updates.