Twitter Spaces Recording Launches for Select iOS Users

Image: Twitter

Twitter Canada has announced a new feature that will let hosts record the Twitter Spaces they organize.

In May, Twitter rolled out Spaces — a Clubhouse competitor they had been working on since last year that allows Twitter users to have live audio-only conversations on the platform.

Anyone with 600+ followers on Twitter can host their own Space, hosts can add co-hosts to help moderate their Space, and Spaces can also be scheduled.

Recording for Twitter Spaces will allow hosts to share their Spaces with those who could not attend. For hosts with a lot of followers, recordings will significantly boost the reach of their Spaces.

Initially, the Spaces Recording feature will only be available to a limited number of Twitter Spaces hosts on iOS.

All listeners on both iOS and Android will get the feature right away. Twitter says the first users to receive access will be those who participated in the original Spaces Beta.

If a Twitter Space is being recorded by the host, all participants will see a “Rec” button with a red dot next to it at the top of the Space.

Gordon said in his tweet that Recording for Twitter Spaces will roll out to everyone “soon”, so a progressive release should be expected over the next few weeks.