Telus and Bell Tie for Fastest 5G Speeds in Canada: Opensignal

Image: Opensignal Limited

Opensignal’s 5G Experience Report for 2022, published on Wednesday, found Bell and Telus tied for the research firm’s second annual 5G Download Speed award in Canada.

The report analyzed user experience on all three of Canada’s national mobile networks over a 90-day period between October 1, 2021, and December 29, 2021.

“Bell and Telus users continue to enjoy the fastest average 5G download speed in Canada, with statistically tied scores averaging above 150 Mbps. With these scores, Bell and Telus remain joint winners of the 5G Download Speed award,” said Opensignal.

2022 marks the second year in a row that Bell and Telus have tied for Opensignal’s fastest 5G Download Speed award in Canada. Both operators “maintain a significant lead on Rogers — this time between 62.2-65.4 Mbps,” said Opensignal in an email to iPhone in Canada.

Rogers didn’t let the defeat go unanswered, however, and claimed definitive victories in 5G signal availability, upload speeds, and gaming experience.

The telco, which went through a messy and public boardroom power struggle in recent months, on average offers upload speeds that are 1.6 Mbps more than Telus and 2.9 Mbps more than Bell.

Check out Opensignal’s full table of awards for this round of analysis below:

Image: Opensignal Limited

This year’s results are a stark contrast to last year’s, where there wasn’t much to distinguish between the ‘Big 3’ in Opensignal’s analysis.

Opensignal also published an overall Mobile Network Experience Report to go along with its 5G experience analysis, evaluating the overall experience of mobile users across Canada — nationally and regionally.

Telus all but swept the floor with the competition in the research firm’s overall Mobile Network Experience report for 2022, much like it did last year. Telus eked out decisive wins in four of Opensignal’s seven categories, as well as joint wins in another two of them.

Image: Opensignal Limited

It’s worth pointing out Telus recently introduced speed limitations on its unlimited plans and similar speed caps for Koodo. As of this morning, Rogers, Telus and Bell all have starting unlimited plans at $85/25GB.