Tracking Rogers, Telus, Bell ‘Unlimited’ Plan Price Changes: March 9

Tracking the wireless plans of Canadian carriers can be a daunting task, as there are tweaks to pricing and data amounts all the time, in what seems to be an effort to keep customers guessing all the time.

Last month, we saw Rogers and Telus change the entry starting price of ‘unlimited’ wireless plans to $85 per month, a move that was eventually copied by Bell. We also saw Telus introduce speed caps (for Koodo too), which have yet to be adopted by its rivals.

Here’s what ‘unlimited’ wireless pricing looked like from Rogers, Telus and Bell on February 18, 2022:

Fast forward to March and we’re seeing more changes and tweaks to plans, according to our high tech spreadsheet below (colours!):

CleanShot 2022 03 09 at 10 44 26

Here’s a recap of what has happened since:


  • $85/20GB is now $85/40GB (+20GB)
  • $95/45GB is now $95/50GB (+5GB)
  • $90/45GB (new)
  • $110/65GB removed


  • $90/40GB is now $85/40GB (-$5)
  • $100/50GB is now $95/50GB (-$5)


I can only imagine the boardroom discussions on shuffling plans and changing prices and data amounts, possibly just drawing numbers out of a hat or something, or throwing darts at a board.

If you’re on one of these unlimited plans that have seen an increase in data or a price drop, you should try calling in and switching your plan.

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