Apple TV+ Pop-Ups Take Over Retail Store in Marketing Blitz

Image: 9to5Mac

Apple has taken an innovative new approach to the promotion of Apple TV+ shows and movies at its retail locations: pop-ups inspired by and modelled after Ted LassoSeverance, and other titles, which the company has installed at its historic store at The Grove in Los Angeles — reports 9to5Mac.

The marketing push comes just days after a report indicated Apple wants to push deeper into streaming to better realize the segment’s growth potential.

Apple The Grove, which is what Apple would like you to call the outlet ever since the company dropped “store” from the names of its physical storefronts back in 2016, is situated inside one of L.A.’s most popular shopping destinations and originally opened up in 2002. Last year, Apple relocated the store to a new location inside The Grove, coupled with a complete redesign.

The store now has an area with multiple pop-ups themed around Apple TV+ shows, complete with features and props related to each show. For example, the pop-up for The Morning Show has a stand and background seen in the series, so visitors can take photos as the fictional show’s hosts.

Featured shows include The Afterparty, Schmigadoon!Pachinko, Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, WeCrashed, and Severance. The pop-up area even serves snacks like pretzels and ice cream in similarly themed utensils.

Sprinkled around the pop-ups at the outlet are QR codes, which redirect users to a show’s page on the Apple TV app when scanned. The pop-ups will remain at Apple The Grove until the end of this month.