Rogers Cancels Service Appointments Due to Network Outage

The ongoing Rogers outage nationwide is wreaking havoc on numerous services and now the company is saying it has cancelled all of its scheduled service appointments.

Rogers said less than an hour ago, “Dear Valued Customers – due to the network outage, if you have a previously scheduled service appointment booked with Rogers, we will contact you to reschedule as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding as we resolve this issue.”

This means if you had a scheduled service for internet or some other matter—it won’t be happening today. Naturally, customers were not happy in their responses to the company’s tweet, with some jokingly asking the company to “please restart your router”, while others asked for compensation for the ongoing outage.

The Rogers outage has also taken down the INTERAC network, resulting in businesses unable to take digital payments, resorting to cash only.

While some Telus customers are saying their data services and internet are being impacted by the Rogers outage, the company says all services for phone, internet and wireless are operating as normal.

Even the CRTC says its own phone lines are down because of Rogers, saying it is “monitoring” the situation.

Do you have Rogers wireless and internet services restored yet?