Rogers 2022 Outage Credits Revealed: Just 2 Days of Prorated Service

Rogers suffered a nationwide outage last Friday (that went well into Saturday; some into Sunday) that crippled Canada’s INTERAC network, along with emergency services, plus service for cellphone and home internet, and also enterprise customers.

The company stated it would be offering automatic service credits for the outage and now we can share what they consist of.

Rogers customer service agents are telling customers the outage will offer two days of prorated service credits.

If your cellphone plan is $85 per month, then divide that by 30 and multiply it by two (for two days of outages). That works out to $2.83 in credit per day, so two days would be just under $6.

Is that enough compensation for the massive outage?

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If you were expecting more credits than that, it doesn’t appear to be happening. The Rogers customer service agent said, “we do not have goodwill credits for this instance.”

In Q1 2022, Rogers saw its mobile phone average revenue per user metric at $57.25 per month. Two days of prorated credits at this price works out to $1.90 per day, or $3.80 total. Multiply this by roughly 10 million wireless customers, and that works out to an estimated $38 million in credits, if we’re using the ARPU metric.

Rogers had 8.91 million postpaid and 1.15 million prepaid wireless customers, as of March 31, 2022. The company saw combined wireless service and equipment revenue of $2.14 billion for the quarter.

Last April, when Rogers suffered a daylong service outage due to a software update blamed on partner Ericsson, the company similarly offered credits for the day, prorated.

You should also be aware of scammers targeting Rogers customers about credits for this year’s outage, similar to last year.

Rogers CEO Tony Staffieri will be meeting with Canada’s industry minister today, over the devastating outage last week.

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