Koodo Increasing Price of Easy Roam for US and International [Update]

koodo easy roam 2023

Last month we told you Telus was set to increase the price of its Easy Roam, which offers customers the option to use their phone plan while in the U.S. or internationally.

The Telus website has a notice that reads a price hike is coming on March 8, 2023, ahead of spring break travel.

Now, it appears Telus flanker brand Koodo is also raising prices. iPhone in Canada reader and Koodo customer Julien said he received the following notice via email, notifying him of the upcoming Koodo Easy Roam price increase.

Koodo Easy Roam will increase from $12 to $14 per day for U.S. roaming and $15 to $16 per day for International roaming, just like Telus:

Koodo easy roam price increase

The notice doesn’t specify a date of the price increase, other than stating “March 2023”. But it’s clear Koodo Easy Roam will likely increase in price tomorrow just like Telus.

Koodo last increased prices for Easy Roam back in April 2022. Less than one year later we’re now seeing another price hike. Bell and Virgin Plus are also raising their roaming options as well, while so far Rogers and Fido haven’t announced any price increases for their plans yet.

Julien pointed out there’s still no notice of an Easy Roam price increase on the Koodo website yet (we’re not seeing it either). We’ve reached out to Telus for clarification and will update this story accordingly.

Update March 7, 3:35pm PT: A Koodo spokesperson told iPhone in Canada the following statement:

“We are proactively notifying Koodo customers that beginning March 8, Easy Roam charges will change to $14 per day (from $12 per day) when in the U.S., and $16 per day (from $15 per day) internationally. Easy Roam is an optional service that makes it easier for customers to use their existing data, text and talk plans, and text plans while travelling outside of Canada. Koodo customers only pay for the days they choose to use their phone on Easy Roam, and can easily add or remove the feature from their account at any time through Koodo Self Serve.”