Koodo Extra Data Offer: 17 Cents for 1GB to Select Customers

Koodo website

Telus-owned Koodo has been sending out text messages to select customers, informing them of an “extremely affordable monthly bonus data offer.”

The message sent out on Wednesday to some customers states “today is your lucky day!” while stating the following monthly data add-on offers, according to a RFD user:

  • $1 for 1GB (reply ADDONE)
  • $2 for 10GB (reply ADDTEN)
  • $3 for 18GB (reply ADD18)

Image via ‘ialonehk’ from RFD

The $2 offer works out to 20 cents per gigabyte, while the $3 offer works out to 17 cents per gigabyte. That’s far cheaper than the regular rates of $130 for 1GB (if you choose to accept overages).

Back in December, Koodo offered similar data add-ons for select customers. But they were priced at $1 for 5GB, $2 for 10GB and $3 for 25GB (0.12/GB), which offered a cheaper price per GB at $3 for 25GB.

Again, this looks to be a very limited offer sent to a small number of Koodo customers. But it goes to show just how cheap Koodo can offer data for an average of 17 cents per gigabyte.

Why is Koodo doing this? These enticing add-ons can increase a customer’s monthly bill, thusly affecting average monthly revenue per user metrics that stock investors care about.

Koodo recently increased select bring your own device plans by $2 a month, with Fido and Virgin Plus also doing the same.

Did you get any special Koodo offers sent to you via text message or in your online account?