Freedom Mobile Network Expands to Quebec, Debuts Seamless Roaming [Update]

Videotron-owned Freedom Mobile has expanded its wireless network into Quebec as of today, July 19, according to information obtained by iPhone in Canada.

Alongside this expansion, Freedom Mobile also plans to introduce a seamless roaming feature from July 24, enhancing the handoff from the Freedom network to the Nationwide network.

The Quebec network expansion will provide Freedom customers with an automatic update that integrates Videotron’s wireless network into the Freedom network. This addition will significantly broaden the network’s current scope, previously grouped under Nationwide. The rollout of this update will span a few weeks to ensure all Freedom customers receive it.

The seamless roaming enhancement will improve service for customers transitioning from Freedom’s coverage area to the Nationwide network. Currently, as customers exit Freedom’s coverage, their devices disconnect from the Freedom network before connecting to the Nationwide network. This disconnection often leads to dropped calls or data interruption.

However, with the introduction of the seamless roaming feature, customers will experience a smooth transition to the Nationwide network without any disruption in their calls or data service. This update is set to reach all Freedom customers within a week of the rollout.

As part of Rogers acquiring Shaw this spring, the latter sold Freedom Mobile to Videotron’s parent company Quebecor, to satisfy regulators.

Let us know if you’re seeing seamless roaming on the Freedom Mobile network soon.

Update July 19, 2023, 10:19am PDT: We can confirm that only the Freedom Mobile wireless network is debuting in Quebec, but not the company’s operations or retail network.

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