Elon Musk to Speak with Tim Cook to Pay Creators More on 𝕏 

In a significant announcement aimed at supporting content creators around the globe, Elon Musk revealed changes to the ad revenue sharing policy for 𝕏 and expressed intentions to speak with Apple CEO Tim Cook to potentially modify Apple’s cut.

Musk emphasized the importance of supporting creators, particularly those who post incredible content but live in challenging circumstances. He urged those who can afford it to subscribe to as many creators on the platform as they find interesting, noting that even a few hundred dollars a month can be life-changing for some.

Detailing the new policy, Musk stated that while the platform had previously planned to keep nothing for the first 12 months and then take a 10% cut, this would now be amended. 𝕏 will now keep nothing from creators’ earnings forever, until the payout exceeds $100,000. After that threshold, the platform will take 10%. The first 12 months will still remain free for all.

However, one significant challenge remains: Apple’s 30% cut of the revenue. Musk announced that he plans to speak with Tim Cook to see if this can be adjusted to be 30% of what platform 𝕏 keeps, rather than 30% of the total earnings. This change would help maximize what creators receive from their work on the platform.

“Apple does take 30%, but I will speak with @tim_cook and see if that can be adjusted to be just 30% of what 𝕏 keeps in order to maximize what creators receive,” said Musk on Wednesday afternoon.

The announcement has been met with widespread interest and approval from creators, who stand to benefit from these changes. If Musk’s negotiations with Cook are successful, it could lead to a precedent in revenue sharing that could have broader implications across various content platforms. Apple is pretty strict on taking its App Store cut of 30% and if an exception is made for 𝕏, that would definitely set a precedent.

In order to be part of ad revenue sharing on 𝕏, one needs to be subscribed to X Blue (formerly known as Twitter Blue), have at least 500 followers and have at least 15 million impressions in the past three months.

So far, we’ve seen Apple apparently let the single character app name ‘X’ allowed for Musk’s social media network, which normally is not possible according to the company’s developer guidelines.

Last fall, Musk thanked Cook for a tour of the “beautiful” Apple Park headquarters. Musk has long opposed the 30% Apple takes from developers earning over $1 million in the App Store.

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