‘Samsung Food’ AI-Powered Food and Recipe Service Debuts Worldwide

Samsung has just introduced an innovative culinary solution, Samsung Food, leveraging the power of AI to provide users with a personalized and comprehensive food and recipe platform.

Samsung food

Launching in 104 countries and eight languages, Samsung Food is designed to cater to users’ culinary preferences with its collection of over 160,000 recipes.

Serving as a personalized assistant, it not only aids in discovering new dishes but also assists in creating personalized meal plans and even facilitates online ingredient ordering.

The platform extends its functionality to help users control cooking appliances and provides step-by-step guided cooking instructions, encouraging users to share their favorite recipes on social media.

This AI-powered platform builds on Samsung’s extensive range of cooking appliances and food services, utilizing advanced technology known as Food AI.

This technology, derived from Whisk, a smart food platform acquired by Samsung Next in 2019, recommends meals based on user preferences and seasonal ingredients, thus tailoring the food experience to individual needs and lifestyles.

“Samsung Food is using advanced AI capabilities to deliver a highly personalized, all-in-one food experience that users can control straight from their palms,” said Samsung’s Executive VP Chanwoo Park.

Samsung food download

The platform enables users to save recipes in their personal digital recipe box, accessible anytime, anywhere. It even creates shopping lists based on recipe ingredients.

The app also incorporates a “Personalize Recipe” feature, allowing Food AI to adapt recipes to match dietary preferences, offering options such as vegan or vegetarian versions.

For those seeking personalized meal plans, Samsung Food’s AI generates recommendations based on user data, dietary preferences, and favorite cuisines. Nutritional information is readily available, and users can add ingredients to their shopping list and seamlessly transition to online checkout.

With connected cooking, the platform offers real-time interaction with appliances.

Users can set timers, preheat ovens, and transfer recipe settings directly to appliances via step-by-step guided cooking modes from their mobile devices.

Additionally, Samsung Food encourages community engagement by enabling users to share favorite dishes, create and publish their recipes, and follow preferred food content creators.

To download Samsung Food on any smartphone platform, visit this link.

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