Inside Look: Apple Vision Pro Internals Revealed

Apple vision pro inside 1 jpg

Apple’s Vision Pro headset launched yesterday priced from a cool $3,499 USD in the U.S., and now we have a look at the internals of the company’s first spatial computer.

Wallpaper was granted an exclusive interview with Apple executives at Apple Park, speaking with Alan Dye, Vice President of Human Interface Design, and Richard Howarth, Vice President of Industrial Design, who shared their insights into the decades-long journey of Vision Pro’s creation.

Essentially, Vision Pro was unbounded by deadlines, aimed to take traditional augmented and virtual reality to the next level, focusing instead on spatial computing. Wallpaper was also provided with a first look at the Vision Pro internals, essentially all the parts of the headset as seen below, taken by photographer Dan Winters:

Apple vision pro inside 2 jpg

Dye explained the underlying philosophy of the Vision Pro, stating, “We understood that the technology of wearing something that could transport you to another place was very powerful. We wanted to create profound experiences that could come out of it and from changing the users’ context.” The emphasis was on overcoming the isolation typically associated with such technologies, steering towards enhancing human connections.

Howarth discussed the design approach, focusing on user comfort and approachability, “We put a lot of thought into how to make this entirely new platform feel approachable and seamless…So people would not only feel physically comfortable wearing it but also enjoy wearing it around others too.” This intent shaped the Vision Pro’s design, utilizing soft forms, cushioned knitted fabric bands, and flexible materials to ensure a comfortable user experience.

Apple vision pro inside 3 jpg

EyeSight allows the device’s lens to become transparent during face-to-face interactions, bringing presence and connection. “Getting that right was at the core of the concept of the product because we wanted people to retain those connections in their actual world,” Dye highlighted, noting Vision Pro was made to enhance rather than replace human interaction. Well, you will look creepy in the process as we’ve seen in early reviews.

Reflecting on the collaborative effort required to bring Vision Pro to life, Dye praised the cross-disciplinary teamwork at Apple, “This product required, more than ever, that we bring hardware and software, all the disciplines across the studio together, to create one singular product experience.”

iFixit has started their own Vision Pro teardown, so expect their full up-close images coming soon.

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