Quest 3 is Better than Apple Vision Pro, Says Mark Zuckerberg

quest 3 vs vision pro

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg weighed in on the competition between their Quest 3 headset and Apple’s Vision Pro, declaring the Quest 3 superior in both value and overall product quality.

In a video shared on his Instagram account on Tuesday evening, Zuckerberg provided a detailed comparison of the two headsets, emphasizing the Quest 3’s advantages in weight, comfort, motion freedom, input options, and content library. He started by saying, “I think the Quest is a better product, period.”

Zuckerberg, filmed using the Quest 3’s video passthrough system (while in his living room), pointed out that the Quest 3 is 120 grams lighter than the Vision Pro, making it better and more comfortable when wearing a headset for long periods.

He highlighted the Quest 3’s wireless design (no battery cable) and the broader field of view as key factors in its favour, plus offering a brighter screen. He said head tracking is “a bit more accurate on Quest.”

Also, playing Xbox is only available on Quest as well, said Zuckerberg.

Check out Zuck’s full video below:

The Meta CEO praised the Quest 3’s input versatility, with options for physical hand controllers and hand tracking, and hinted at the return of eye tracking in future Meta headsets.

Despite acknowledging the Apple Vision Pro as a superior entertainment device, Zuckerberg argued that the Quest 3’s content library offers a more immersive experience. He also noted the significant price difference, with the Quest 3 being “like seven times less expensive” than the Vision Pro, which starts at $3,499 USD (about $4,745 CAD). The Meta Quest 3? It starts at $650 in Canada. So the 7x price comparison by Zuckerberg stands true.

Zuckerberg concluded the video with a nod to his team’s long history in VR headset development, suggesting confidence in Meta’s position in the market. He also said Meta’s “open model” for headsets is something he hopes wins in the end, versus Apple’s “closed” model.

He’s not wrong. With Vision Pro being so expensive for a first-gen product, it’s hard to justify a one-to-one comparison to the Quest 3. Even some notable Apple users on X have been admitting they don’t want the Vision Pro and are returning the device, citing a honeymoon period and the headset’s whopping price tag.

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