Apple Vision Pro New Model Predictions Amid Slowing US Market Demand

Seasoned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has offered a handful of updates regarding the Apple Vision Pro, including predictions of a new model amid a slowing market demand in the US.

Apple Vision Pro video

The Vision Pro’s shipping time in the US has notably improved, indicating a decline in demand despite initial enthusiasm. This slowdown, however, underscores potential challenges in sustaining market traction domestically.

Given the tepid growth in US demand, accelerating the global release schedule becomes more feasible upon supply enhancement.

Kuo’s insights suggest a strategic pivot towards global expansion to mitigate the impact of waning domestic demand.

Several suppliers have expanded production capacity, anticipating heightened demand post-global launch, albeit acknowledging the product’s niche status. This proactive approach signals suppliers’ confidence in the long-term viability of the Vision Pro despite current market challenges.

Current return rates for the Vision Pro remain minimal, with user setup issues constituting a fraction of returns. This encouraging trend reflects positively on the product’s overall user experience and reliability, mitigating concerns regarding potential quality issues.

Vision Pro

While expectations for new Vision Pro iterations exist, concrete plans for mass production are projected for the near future, focusing on enhancing production efficiency.

the analyst expects Apple to release a lower-priced version with downgraded specs, such as reduced number of cameras, and removal of EyeSight, and a new model with upgraded specs.

Although Apple is already collecting user feedback for the Vision Pro product roadmap, it is currently estimated that new models with significant changes to the Vision Pro specification may not be in mass production until 2027.

In the end, Kuo advises investors to closely monitor these developments to capitalize on potential growth opportunities.

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