Public Mobile’s $34/50GB CAN-US Plan Now for Existing Users

Telus-owned Public Mobile is ramping up its $34/50GB 5G Canada-US plan, now making it available for existing customers as well, instead of just new activations. Public Mobile runs on the Telus nationwide 5G network.

Numerous iPhone in Canada readers have let us know existing Public Mobile customers can log into their accounts and be able to switch to the $34/50GB plan with 5G speeds and Canada/US talk, text and data. We can confirm this is possible based on screenshots we’ve obtained.

The change occurred on Tuesday and as of today, it should still be possible to switch to this $34/50GB 5G Canada-US plan that matches Freedom Mobile.

How to switch over to the $34/50GB plan? Just log into your Public Mobile account, go to “Subscriptions & Add-Ons” and then click “Change Subscription”.

You should then see the $34/50GB 5G Canada-US promotion available to switch to. Just click it and change it “now” or at “renewal”. But since we don’t know when this promo will end, you might want to switch right away to lock down the plan.

Other plans to consider right now that match Freedom Mobile:

  • $40/75GB 5G Canada-US
  • $50/100GB 5GB Canada-US
  • $29/20GB 4G
  • $24/4GB 4G

Also new: Public Mobile also just made physical SIM cards $0 on promotion (normally $10), like eSIM (normally $5).

Telus, which owns Public Mobile, is the first of the ‘Big 3’ to match Freedom Mobile’s Canada-US plans.

Click here to sign up for Public Mobile and get $10 off.

Right now, Fido, Virgin Mobile and Koodo have some pretty sparse offerings and have yet to match these Canada-US plans. There’s only two real plans from each flanker brand and they aren’t that enticing at all:


  • $39/30GB 4G
  • $49/50GB 4G

Virgin Mobile

  • $39/30GB
  • $50/60GB 5G

Koodo (recently updated their website; COLOURS!)

  • $39/30GB
  • $50/60GB 5G

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