Public Mobile’s $34/50GB CAN-US Offer Gets an End Date

Public mobile offer

Telus-owned Public Mobile has finally given an end date to its promotional $34/50GB Canada-US plan, which matches Freedom Mobile.

According to an update on Public Mobile’s website on Thursday, the $34/50GB 5G Canada-US plan will end on Monday, March 4. Freedom Mobile has no end date on their same plan.

For the other Canada-US plans, which include $40/75GB and $50/100GB, no end date is mentioned on the company’s website. Other promo plans of $29/20GB 4G and $24/4GB 4G also do not have an end date.

Also, we told you yesterday Public Mobile had made physical SIM cards $0 (normally $10) just like eSIMs (normally $5). It’s clear Public Mobile is ramping up its efforts to sign up new customers.

The $34/50GB Canada-US plan was also extended to existing customers, as we told you on Wednesday. This $34/50GB 5G Canada-US plan will last beyond 24 months like Freedom Mobile. But Public Mobile also does not have Wi-Fi Calling, which is helpful for those in areas of low cellular coverage.

Based on what we’ve seen in the past, this $34/50GB plan from Public Mobile might get magically extended beyond next week’s deadline. The end date does create a sense of urgency for those on the fence.

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